About Me

The story of a Bucket

“Reader, this is not a blog. My name is Adrian Glitch and I’m a thinker, self taught mathematician and writer; and I don’t just write fiction. Welcome to my little corner of paradise. You can find me on facebook, twitter or on github. The first one I detest. The second one I shall not use and the third one – there you shall find nothing. Do you think my writing is unclear, inconsistent and the work of a madman? Shoot me an email at adrianglitch.auth@gmail.com and make me happy. I have a strictly no comment policy on my website. If you have an educated opinion, shoot me an email and I’ll be more than happy to reply. I may even put it up here for the entire world to see.

##Gist of the Matter It is my firm hope that someday somewhere on terra firma some poor soul will find my writing helpful. I mainly write – regretfully – about mathematics. But I also write about ancient history, the sciences and philosophy. I also love to make things with my hand. I love anything mechanical, especially if it’s old and battered. I believe only in the empirical. The unknown is merely a conjecture I have yet to prove.